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Happy Birthday to Jordan!

May 22nd, 2009

Today is Jordan’s second birthday.  Jordan is an extremely energenic and happy guy.  Last weekend we took the family to the Griffith Observatory.  It was a very cloudy evening, but we were able to see Saturn from the telescope.  The light from Saturn traveled almost two hours to get to our planet.  We’ll have to go back and enjoy it another day since it was pretty hard with Jordan running around.  Here are some pictures taken from the observatory.

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Elaine & Hieu Sneak Peak | 05.09.09

May 14th, 2009

The year is Nineteen-Eighty.  I had just landed in Orange County via a year-long journey that began on a boat in Vietnam to the Philippines to Orange County, California.  The first friend I made was Hieu.  We were in the first grade.  He lived a few blocks away.  We used to cut through a long alley to get to our homes.  Over the years we grew up together collecting the first print of Transformers No. 1 to Spiderman, played video games and hung out.  There were good times and some bad times.  We went to the same junior high and part of high school together.  During college, we worked together and learned the ropes.  Since then, nine years past by.  We lost touch along the way before reuniniting again.  This past Saturday Hieu finally got married and I was there to capture some special moments of Elaine and Hieu’s special day.

[singlepic id=48 w=900 h=600 float=center]
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