January 30th, 2009

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Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of techy toys like many kids do today.  There was no DirecTV to watch cartoons 24-hours a day.  Video games were not as graphic as it is now.  Cell phones were non-existent. What did we do when we were kids?  We found physical activities.  We played with the kids living in the other apartments.  Hide and seek, hopscotch, jacks, jump rope and other fun games were our favorite.

We would collect baseball cards and comic books.  Art was a big part of my childhood.  From those comic books, we would draw pictures of our favorite heroes.  These heroes included Transformers, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, X-Men and much more.  I became very good at drawing in the early stages of my childhood.  Along with another friend, we would compete to see who could be the better artist.  I was very good, but my friend was even better.  Other kids wanted pictures of our art.  I gave many of my drawings away.  I continued my artistic mode through the eight grade.  In the eight-trade, I gave up my choir class to take additional art classes.  That we I took up calligraphy, cartooning and water colors.  It was the best time.  My friend was there along with me.  That was the last year that I took any art classes.  My friend went on to film school and today is a movie director.

Art gave way to business and computer classes in high school.  As as my passion of art was very strong, my passion for computer and every thing in it was just as strong.  I became very good at computers almost over night.  I loved art, but computers paid the bills for my family as I took on jobs to help our family out.  As I discovered my passion in computers, I took over my life.  I was even better in computers than I was in art.  The computer work let me helped my family financially so my brothers and sisters had a chance to go to college.

A few years ago, I pick up a camera.  As I started to take pictures, I started to realize photography bridges my love for computer and art!  My passion for photogrpaher grew and grew.  I purchased my first digital SLR for our honeymoon.  Armed with a Rebel XT, I shot pictures upon pictures during our trip to Europe.  My passion grew and I as it grew, I moved from a Canon Rebel XT to a Canon 30D to a full-frame Canon 5D with L and prime (fixed focal length) lenses.

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