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Disneyland Trip on Easter

April 18th, 2009

This year we decided to take Paul to Disneyland for his birthday.  Only problem is that his birthday  was back in early March.  With all of the family being pick for most of the winter (I got sick three times) and with scheduling conflicts, our trip got delayed until this past Sunday.  Has anyone look at how much it costs to spend a day at Disneyland lately?  We purchased 2-Day Park Hopper Tickets for Southern California residents for the four of us plus free admission for the toddler.  Face value was a whopping $266 just for admission.  Don’t forget about the $12 parking fee.  Lucky we saved a couple dollars on the price of admission.  We packed a bunch of water bottles in the baby stroller and thus saved ourselves another $2.50 a bottle!  None of this includes food and merchandise we purchased!

Looking back at the first three plus months of this year, it’s been a crazy year so far with everyone getting sick and tons of doctor visits for the kids and me.  Luckily, we are all in pretty good shape right now.  We have a lot of to be thankful for.  The state of economy has been pretty dreadful, but we are still marching forward.  Every week of the year has gone by so quickly; we are all guilty of not taking the time to enjoy our family and kids.  Starting with this visit to Disneyland, we are trying really hard to make more time for ourselves and the kids.

Today, the wife and I visited a friend in the evening.  We haven’t seen here for more than six months now.  She has gone through a whole lot the past 5 months.  In a span of less than two months, she lost her brother, an uncle and then her father.  Losing a family member is really tough, but when you start losing them at a rate of one every other week, it just drains on you.  How she survived through this ordeal is beyond belief.  She is a real strong trooper.  It has been rough, but seeing her back to normalcy just makes our day and all our troubles go away.

And now… a picture of our little soon to be a terrible two at Disneyland…  You can find more pictures on my facebook page.  Click on the “Find us on facebook” icon at the top of this blog and I’ll add you as a friend.

[singlepic id=47 w=900 h=600 float=center]

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